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Self Employed? Looking for a Mortgage

As an entrepreneur, you’ve worked hard to create your own business. You understand the value of working with like-minded people who share your passion for success, and believe in the power of the individual.

Now that you are ready to fulfill your goal of home ownership and are looking at your mortgage options, choosing a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Architects is a smart move. Why?.

CMHC's Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

Mortgage Brokers have access to multiple lenders, allowing you to get the best options and prices for your mortgage. They work independently, on your behalf, to search out the best lenders who understand and specialize in self-employed mortgages. These mortgages offer favourable terms suitable to your situation.

With a Mortgage Broker, you can be confident we won’t leave you alone to find a mortgage that’s right for you. We’re on your side every step of the way.

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6 month closed3.30 %
1 year closed2.69 %
2 year closed2.69 %
3 year closed2.69 %
4 year closed2.69 %
5 year closed2.69 %
7 year closed3.44 %
10 year closed3.70 %
Prime3.95 %
BOC Qualifying Rate5.19 %
BOC Overnight Rate1.75 %

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