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We believe mortgage planning for our clients is important right from the start but even more important when they consider their next residential property purchase.

"Next purchase" describes a variety of real estate transactions made by previous first-time home buyers as well as multiple-property investors.  Types of next purchases to consider are:

1)  next home purchase (i.e., upsizing, downsizing or moving to another primary residence),
2)  a vacation or recreational property, or
3)  a rental property.

Next purchase transactions may involve:

1) refinancing an existing property in order to purchase a second,
2) porting and increasing a mortgage from one property to the next,
3) arranging inter-alia or bridge mortgage financing (there are differences between these two) to pay for a newly purchased property before an existing property is sold, or
4) balancing a portfolio of real estate mortgages in order to take advantage of property appreciation or rental cashflow.

Glen Kelleway has custom-built analytical tools that Kelleway Mortgage Architects use to plug in numbers to run different scenarios for real estate property purchases.  By phone or through your own web-accessed computer screen, he can describe and show you how different next purchases will effect your mortgage planning and financial outcomes.

Another advantage for our clients is that we keep digital files for years on their past mortgage financing.  We are obliged to do so by law.  Therefore, rather than start the application process from scratch, we can update changes to our clients' existing files.  Our attention is then focussed on asking our clients the right questions to analyze and plan for their next purchase with reference to their past history - again, we help them mortgage it right!


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