A Letter Of Employment is a (legal) statement by the employer verifying the nature of the work and other details about the employee role for whom the letter was drafted.  MOST Lenders require this letter to be dated within 30 Days of the Purchase or Refinance application. 100% Of Letters will be called by the lender to confirm employment. Note Pay statements also have a best-before-date of 30 Days too! 

Employment letters that contain #s 1 to 12 are complete
1. On Letterhead ... Company name, address, local office address, website etc (usually)
2. The letter is dated with the creation date (less than 30 days from Application for Financing) 
3. Full name of the employee
4. Start date or hire date
5. Role or job title or description of the job that the employee has
6. Normal work schedule or hours, Full time, Regular, Part-Time, Temporary Full time or Part-Time, Casual, Seasonal, piece work
7. Scheduled (guaranteed) hours per week or pay cycle
8. Hourly or salary etc. Example 18.00/hour and 40 hours per week or piece work or a contract with and end date
9. Full Name of the person who is drafting the letter
10. Contact details of the person drafting: Title, email, phone number, and ph. Extension if applicable
11. Signature of the person drafting the document (letter)

Additional Points
12. Any bonus or overtime that the employee may receive or has in the previous 1 to 2  years
13. Future pay increase or pending promotion 
14. Any increase or change of income earlier in the year
15. Any extended time off (education, maternity, paternity, compassionate leave, illness or other) that will cause the YTD pay statement to be lower.

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