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Want to get more out of your summer? Try our 'To Do' List

July 24, 2019 | Posted by: Kelleway Mortgage Architects


It’s summer—the perfect time to break free of your normal routine and do some fun things! Here’s our list of suggestions of how to be a little more spontaneous and get the most out of the warm weather.


Most important!

Don’t get hung up on trying to do everything on our list. That’s a recipe for doing nothing at all. Pick a couple of things and really do them!


Enjoy the sunshine

Get outside, or at least close to a window to absorb some heat and some vitamin D.


Walk barefoot and wiggle your toes in the grass. 


Enjoy a long summer evening on a patio, deck, or dock.

Even better if you can do this with someone you care about.


Take a road trip with friends or family (a day trip counts)

(Sorry, we don't mean to be big-city centric, but it's hard to include every possible location on this list.)

Day Trip Suggestions






Play hide ‘n’ seek with your kids


Enjoy a cooling beverage

We suggest ordering a flight of beer from your local micro brewery - something IPA and citrus is nice to try!


 Mix ginger ale and lemonade over ice with a sprig of fresh mint


Ride a bike

If you don't own a bike, you can borrow or rent one for a fun outing.


Have a picnic in a park


Read something just for the fun of it

Summer is the perfect time to relax with a fun, easy read. Try a graphic novel, a “beach reach” or a magazine,


Run through a sprinkler

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