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5 Tips to Reduce Heating Costs

October 14, 2020 | Posted by: Kelleway Mortgage Architects

When it comes to the winter season, it can be easy to go overboard when it comes to heating - but there is a better way! With a little awareness - and the right preparation - heating your home this winter does not need to cost a fortune! To help you save, consider the following tips to reduce heating costs.

1 Inspect Your Heat Sources

Regardless of whether you rely on a fireplace, gas, or baseboard heating, it is always a good idea to have all heat sources inspected for efficiency.

2 Check Your Fireplace

It is recommended to keep your fireplace damper closed, unless there is a fire burning. Otherwise, it is the same as having your window wide-open during the winter! For those of you with a fireplace you never use, now might be a good time to plug and seal the chimney to keep warm air from escaping.

3 Manage Your Thermostat

As tempting as it is to turn your heat all the way up in the winter, proper thermostat management will help you save costs in the long run. A thermostat with a timer is a great option to help you save this winter. Turn it on earlier so the room heats up in time for use, instead of cranking the heat when you need to get warm quickly and have it turn off 30 minutes before bed or before leaving the home. If you find you are chilly at night, a safely positioned space heater and closed door is a far more inexpensive choice.

4 Close The Door

To keep your heating system from working too hard, close doors when rooms are not in use. This prevents heat transfer in and out of vacant rooms and will ensure the space you’re currently using remains warm and cozy.

5 Be Mindful of Drafts

Checking for drafts is another important way to reduce heating costs. If you notice any issues, using a weatherstrip or caulking to seal doors and windows is a relatively inexpensive fix that can have a huge savings impact on your heating bill 


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